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The IDF Zebra Herd is on the Move… to Phoenix, AZ!

If you haven’t heard, THINK ZEBRA! is the Immune Deficiency Foundation's campaign to raise funds and promote awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases through the sale of zebra-print bracelets.

The campaign is so named because in medical school many doctors learn the saying, “when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras”, and are taught to focus on the likeliest possibilities when making a diagnosis, rather than the unusual ones. However, sometimes physicians need to look for a zebra. Patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases are the zebras of the medical world. So IDF says THINK ZEBRA! IDF hopes to teach the world about “ZEBRAS” while raising funds to help promote awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases.


As part of the 2009 IDF National Conference, IDF worked with donors and volunteers to hold two special THINK ZEBRA! events which raised over $85,000 for IDF.  The first was a Silent Auction that was a highlight of the weekend.!  The second was a promotion where any volunteer who raised $2,500 through THINK ZEBRA! prior to the Conference would receive reimbursement for the price of their registration!  Six families in the IDF community were able to raise the requisite amount and received the refund for the 2009 National Conference.

For the 2011 IDF National Conference in Phoenix, AZ being held June 23-25, 2011 - IDF is again holding these exciting THINK ZEBRA! events but with  a new twist… families who raise $2,500 before the Conference will receive THREE complimentary nights stay for the National Conference at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa!  This is a fabulous and exciting prize for all those who plan to attend the IDF 2011 National Conference, and we encourage all those who are interested to start fundraising now!  Every family that registers for the National Conference will automatically receive a THINK ZEBRA! packet with everything they need to get started.  All money raised from the start of 2011 through the THINK ZEBRA! event at the IDF National Conference on June 24 will be counted toward the $2,500.

Xan Moseley and her husband Neil participated in the promotion in 2009 and raised $2,510 for IDF!  Xan has said that she plans to not only match the amount she raised for the last Conference, but she will also try to beat it and raise even more funds and awareness for IDF!

IDF volunteers and donors are the reason that we can provide so many resources to the community.  Thanks go to Xan and Neil and all of the other volunteers who help make THINK ZEBRA! an amazing success at raising funds for our programs and promoting awareness about primary immunodeficiency disease!

Will you join the herd and try to earn 3 free hotel nights at the Conference?  ??  Please help us make this IDF National Conference the best one yet… with your presence and participation!  And help yourself and IDF by participating in THINK ZEBRA! – you just might get a free stay at the IDF 2011 National Conference for your efforts!

For more details about the THINK ZEBRA! campaign please visit the website at

Please go to the site to learn more and register for the IDF 2011 National Conference, June 23-25 in Phoenix, AZ!

And as always, please let IDF know if you are involved in any Community in Action activities in your community. Comment below or fill out the Contact form at the top of the page to have your story featured in a future blog post.  To learn more about ways you can get involved, please visit the website at .

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I am so excited to go to Phoenix. My phone says it is 95 days, 19 hours and 35 minutes until my flight leaves. :-)