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IDF Advocate Connections: Becoming a Rare Disease Advisory Council Member

For those living with rare diseases, such as PI, it is important to have a strong voice in state government and advise policymakers on critical issues related to access, coverage, and the diseases themselves. Many state policymakers are unaware of the challenges the rare disease community faces. To help bridge these gaps in knowledge, Rare Disease Advisory Councils or RDACs are created. RDACs serve as an advising body and liaison between the rare disease community and state governments.

Opportunities For Young People Of Color In Science

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in science, technology, engineering, math fields (otherwise known as STEM), is projected to grow twice as fast in the next decade as for all occupations. Even so, a recent Pew Center study reported that only 7% of recent graduates in STEM fields were Black students. In today's episode, we will be talking with two experts, Dr. Nicole Rochester and Alexis Mobley, to help us gain a better understanding of how to address these concerns and why it matters.

Living With CGD: A Discussion About BMT - A Diagnosis-Specific Episode

Chronic Granulomatous Disease or CGD, one of the rare forms of primary immunodeficiency, causes an increased susceptibility to infections caused by certain bacteria and fungi. In today’s diagnosis-specific episode, we will be exploring treatment options, particularly Bone Marrow Transplant, or BMT for CGD with Felicia Morton and Dr. Vinod Prasad.


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