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Actualización de COVID-19, 10 de marzo de 2020

Actualización COVID-19 del 10 de marzo de 2020 del Consejo Asesor Médico de IDF.

Recursos sobre COVID-19:

Henry el sitio web de la mano. Entrenamiento del Dr. Will Sawyer para evitar tocarte la cara. Dispositivo de entrenamiento de careta:

Consejos del New York Times para evitar tocarte la cara:

Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) - IDF Reel Stories, Esther Morales

IDF Reel Stories is a video community designed by the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), to encourage and empower fellow patients and their loved ones affected by primary immunodeficiency (PI). Viewers are able to select from a robust playlist of video testimonials that touch us on some level -- whether as individuals, families or as members of the IDF community. The video stories cover a wide array of issues and topics and can be searched by Status, Patient Life Stage, Messages, Disorders, and Treatment Options.

La importancia de participar en las investigaciones: La experiencia de una Familia (The Importance of Participating in Research: One Family’s Experience)

Escuchen mientras que padres Carolina y Mauricio hablan sobre la importancia de participar en las investigaciones del Immune Deficiency Foundation para mejorar el futuro diagnóstico y tratamiento de pacientes viviendo con inmunodeficiencia primaria. 

(Listen as parents Carolina and Mauricio describe the importance of participating in Immune Deficiency Foundation research to improve the future diagnosis and treatment of those living with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI).)



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