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IDF Publications
IDF Patient & Family Handbook 5th Edition - This handbook contains comprehensive information about the diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiency diseases and much more, including a chapter dedicated to young adults.

IDF Presents: Battle of the Bands (Comic Book) – This comic book is based on In Tune with Your Immune System, IDF’s popular teen-friendly video comparing the human immune system to a rock band. It may have been created with teens in mind, but it can help you understand PI.

Our Immune System (Children's Book) – Download IDF’s popular children’s book. Yes, we created this storybook for little kids, but people of all ages like it because it is easy to understand.

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What to Say
Sometimes you may not know what questions to ask or it’s tough to find the right words to explain primary immunodeficiency (PI). These documents are available to give you ideas for a variety of situations.