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Zebra Ribbons adorn New Jersey this April

New Jersey volunteer Jessica Brunner is joining IDF to raise awareness as part of a celebration of April as Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month!  Jessica patiently made over 250 zebra ribbons pins and attached them to IDF information cards.  She plans to split them into baskets and display them at local retailers including a pizzeria, laundromat and kitchenette so that people can take them and wear them while learning about IDF and primary immunodeficiency diseases.

Join with IDF, Jessica, and our volunteers across the country to promote awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases in your community.

If you live with a primary immunodeficiency disease (PIDD), or have a significant relationship with someone who is affected, you know how important it is to raise awareness and understanding about these diseases. Awareness Month is a perfect opportunity to educate and inform people about PIDD and hopefully, this knowledge will lead to early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Check out the Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month 2012 webpage for more information about how you can help create awareness of PIDD.  Have fun, be creative, and get the word out!


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