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PI education kit for schools

PI Education Kit for Schools

Be prepared to recognize a child's symptoms living with primary immunodeficiency (PI). Then give them the following resources they need to succeed with our kit that includes:

  • THINK ZEBRA poster
    Hang in your healthcare room.
  • IDF Brochure
    Learn about the Immune Deficiency Foundation and the resources we offer for the primary immunodeficiency (PI) community. 
  • Patient and Family Handbook
    This book contains general medical information and is intended to provide the patient and family with tools to enhance the communication process and to understand the information they receive from the healthcare team. 
  • School guide for students with primary immunodeficiency (PI)
    This resource for parents/guardians, students, and school personnel summarizes considerations and legal rights for students with primary immunodeficiency. It also includes templates for formal education and health plans.
  • Guide for young adults
    This guide is intended to help teens and young adults navigate the transition to adulthood, helping young people with primary immunodeficiency prepare to make informed decisions about their future, manage their healthcare independently, and transition into life as adults with new responsibilities.