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Welcome to DIY Fundraising!

Hosting a DIY Fundraiser allows you to have your own personalized fundraising page that includes all the details of your unique event. Once you create your page, you can share it with your network so that your friends, family, and community can learn more about participation. They can make donations to support you and IDF right on your customized web page.

When it comes to DIY fundraising, the sky is the limit. No matter how big or small your fundraiser, you're making a difference, and individuals with primary immunodeficiencies (PI) across the country will benefit from your efforts.

Choose one of the three DIY fundraising categories below, and get started today.


Birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries are all great reasons to fundraise! Ask your loved ones to donate $10 to celebrate your 10th anniversary, or make a birthday more meaningful by asking for donations in lieu of gifts. A celebration fundraiser is a great way to make a difference on your special day!

Get Active

Organize a sporting event to find fun and competitive opportunities to fundraise for IDF. Coordinate a golf, softball, kickball or frisbee tournament. Host a yoga class. Organize a Spin-a-thon and request pledges based on distance or time. Partner with local professional teams to host an IDF Awareness game night. There are many ways you can promote an active, healthy lifestyle, all while making a difference!

Be Creative

You know your supporters and what they like to do. Think outside the box and use what excites them to help you meet your goal! Start a monthly Jeans Day at your office. Host a bake sale and ask your friends to contribute baked goods. Ask local businesses to set out loose change jars for one month. Be creative, and have fun!