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Securing research funding for PI

IDF engages with federal and state agencies to advocate for increased research funding for primary immunodeficiency (PI). 

Basic and clinical research on PI has not only shed light on what causes these disorders and how to treat them, but it has also contributed to the scientific community’s fundamental understanding of how the immune system works. Most federal funding for PI research comes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funds both internal (intramural) and external (extramural) research on PI. 

However, the amount of money invested in PI research per affected individual is low compared to other disorders. IDF is working to address this underfunding with the agency in a multi-pronged approach.

At the state level, advocacy includes support for state, local, and public-private partnerships available in jurisdictions throughout the country. Funding for research at the local level may require policy changes to remove barriers to implementation in a given area.

Research Grant Program

IDF provides research grants to support clinicians and scientists focused on primary immunodeficiency (PI).

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