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Advocacy makes our voice heard on the issues most closely important to our community and IDF’s mission.  IDF Health Access Advocates play a critical role by providing the local voice to media and government officials. Volunteers work with IDF staff to advocate in their areas and educate policymakers about legislative issues related to PI.

Key Responsibilities

  • As requested, schedule in-district meetings and maintain regular connections with members of the state legislature or their staff to educate, build rapport and keep them informed about IDF's legislative agenda
  • Maintain a direct line of communication with IDF's public policy division to discuss and plan legislative actions, messages, and initiatives
  • Work with Public Policy staff to build relationships with the local media and submit approved Op-Ed's, letters to the editor or other activities to promote/oppose legislation
  • Promote and share all IDF Action Alerts within professional network and public forums
  • Develop and maintain contact list of community leaders
  • Track, attend, and report details about town hall meetings and other community events
  • Maintain accurate log of interactions and follow-up items
  • Work with other IDF Health Access Advocates in your local and State area

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to commit to logging in at least twice a week to approve users, and welcome new users
  • Should expect to spend approximately 5-8 hours per month working in this role
  • Must be willing to commit to a minimum 1 year term


The ideal volunteer for this position:

  • has a passion to tell the story of PI to the public including government policymakers
  • someone with strong communication and listening skills
  • has the ability to build appropriate rapport within the PI community and with elected officials;
  • has the skill to work well with a diverse staff; and
  • is comfortable and respectful working with all political parties and ideologies
  • has an extremely courteous and professional demeanor with solid customer relations skills
  • has the time to commit to this volunteer role for at least one-year