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About Severe Combined Immune Deficiency

Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID, pronounced "skid") is a potentially fatal primary immunodeficiency in which there is combined absence of T-lymphocyte and B-lymphocyte function. There are at least 13 different genetic defects that can cause SCID.

Story of David Vetter

David Vetter, affectionately known as the boy in the bubble, was born with SCID. For 12 years, David captured the world’s attention as he lived in protected environments to maintain relatively germ-free surroundings at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Because of what was learned from David’s gallant life and death, many children with SCID have since been diagnosed early, received bone marrow transplants and now lead healthy lives.

SCID Newborn Screening

IDF has strongly supported and worked tirelessly in efforts to make sure that every state includes SCID on their newborn screening panel. Babies with SCID appear healthy at birth, but without early treatment, most often by bone marrow transplant from a healthy donor, these infants cannot survive. SCID has been characterized in the medical community as a pediatric emergency.

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