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Expanding awareness with creativity

September 12, 2019

IDF volunteer Debby Abell has taken the image of the traditional IDF Plasma Awareness Coordinator (PAC) visiting plasma donation centers and reinvented it. Debby became a PAC volunteer in early 2019. Mobility issues prevented her from making the long drive to the closest plasma donation centers, but this did not deter her passion to spread the word about plasma donations. She took the core tenet of the volunteer position—to raise awareness about the tremendous impact of plasma donations on the PI community—and coupled it with her creativity to reimagine how she could reach plasma donors. During her infusions, Debby spends the time creating homemade gratitude cards that she sends to plasma centers to share with donors. 

“These cards are awesome,” says Lauren Syring, Public Affairs Manager at Grifols, a global healthcare company that operates the plasma centers. “The reaction to these beautiful cards has been touching of both donors and staff.” 

“I’m not easily deterred,” says Debby. “If I see something that doesn’t work, I figure out ways around it so it can.” The result? New opportunities to reach plasma donors when visits are not possible. 

If you or someone you know receives immunoglobulin therapy, consider becoming an IDF Plasma Awareness Coordinator volunteer and spread the word on the importance of plasma donations to your family. It’s as simple as sharing your story. Click here for more information on becoming an IDF Plasma Awareness Coordinator