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Immune Deficiency Foundation launches new streamlined and user-friendly website

October 19, 2023

A reimagined website serves as a vital tool to help the community quickly connect to vital resources and information.

Baltimore, MD 

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), a national patient organization for people with primary immunodeficiency (PI), recently announced the launch of a totally redesigned website. 

In addition to an enhanced graphic design and more efficient navigation, the new website features upgraded search functions, enhanced resources, and helpful links to relevant related content throughout the site. The new layout and increased functionality of the site were brought to life based on findings from usability testing and research with various PI community stakeholders. The communications team at IDF also took into account competitor and industry research to back design decisions. Considering the needs of Spanish-language users was also a priority for the new site.

“For the people and families we serve, web-based resources that are mobile friendly are an essential tool they rely on almost daily,” said Tammy C. Black, MPA, Chief Communications Officer of IDF. “The redesign and relaunch of was a meticulous, multi-year process. Going into this project, the team focused on improving the navigation and accessibility standards throughout the site, as well as site hierarchy, a consistent visual language, and improved mobile experience. We encountered and addressed numerous additional opportunities to improve the site throughout our journey from discovery to design, development, and deployment of this amazing new tool for the PI community."

Notable features:

  • New site navigation: Top-level navigation has been pared down from seven options to four, to make navigation easier and more intuitive."
  • Related content modules: Call-out boxes are located throughout the site which cross-reference other helpful information and resources based on each user’s needs.
  • New disease search: There is a new “Types of PI” disease search page that quickly helps users find the definitions and symptoms of some of the most common types of PI.
  • Newly designed product information page: The immunoglobulin replacement therapy page integrates information on all products approved in the U.S. for intravenous (IVIG) and/or subcutaneous (SCIG) administration, with links to package inserts and product websites, plus information on how to report side effects to manufacturers.
  • Improved resource library: All of IDF’s articles, podcast episodes, print materials (including hardcopy publications), and videos are now searchable and filterable in a single “Resources” section of the site.

Who is IDF? 

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) is the largest primary immunodeficiency (PI) patient advocacy group in the United States, with 44 years of expertise in primary immunodeficiency. As such, we take pride in helping to connect, engage, and empower families to live longer, stronger, healthier lives. Whether you are looking for subject matter experts on PI (clinicians or patients), information about an upcoming event, or a statement from the organization on a particular topic, we can offer guidance and resources in a variety of areas, including:

  • Stories of rare, chronic, or invisible illness.
  • Insurance access challenges.
  • Plasma supply (and plasma-derived therapies).
  • Issues related to the immunocompromised.
  • The importance of newborn screening (particularly related to SCID).
  • Genetic and inherited conditions.
  • General healthcare or nonprofit topics.
  • Difficult/long journeys to diagnosis.