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IDF Sustainers Club

Join our most committed group of PI supporters with your monthly gift.

The IDF Sustainers Club is a passionate group of donors who make a sustaining commitment each month to those affected by primary immunodeficiency (PI). Similar to how each stripe makes up a zebra, each monthly donor represents how one small contribution can lead to a bigger and more beautiful future for undiagnosed or newly diagnosed individuals and families living with PI.

Why Give Monthly?

Tailored to You

You can give in a sustainable way by donating an amount that is manageable for your budget. The PI community appreciates gifts at all levels, whether they are big or small!


Your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change the amount or cancel anytime.


Monthly giving means lower administrative costs. This ensures more of your money goes to where it’s needed most: Educating and advocating for the PI community!

Long Term Impact

Your monthly donation allows us to have a long-term, planned approach towards fulfilling our mission, making a difference every day.


You will join a club of individuals with the goal of improving the lives of those with PI. Additional benefits include recognition in IDF’s Annual Report, CEO quarterly updates, and special invitations to events!

All the stripes on a zebra add up and so do your donations!

Your monthly donation might not seem like much, but when you combine it with all members of the IDF Sustainers Club, it will make a difference. In 2022, donors made possible:


educational materials were downloaded and mailed to PI patients and families at no cost to them.


requests for support received and answered.

51% increase

in signed letters of support advocating for healthcare access and equity for patients with rare and chronic conditions. 


in research grants were awarded to seven grantees helping to address various topics, three of which helped to address issues related to PI and health equity.