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IDF wants to help you manage living with primary immunodeficiency (PI), including your health, insurance, education and relationships. You get support from your family and friends, but IDF can provide you with advice and resources to help you cope with a wide variety of issues related to having PI.

Tips to Manage Your Health

Learn ways to manage your PI and stay as healthy as possible.

Advice about Friends, Dating, Travel

Read tips about friendships, dating and travel.

Being Independent

Learn how to take care of yourself independent from your family.

Your Education

Here are important things to consider when thinking about college and your future.

Understanding Health Insurance

Know how health insurance works and how important it is to your health.

Employment: What to Consider

Get advice about choosing a career and knowing your rights.

Volunteer with IDF

Get involved with IDF to help others living with PI.

More Resources

Check out our additional resources to help you find more info and to know what to say.

IDF Youth, Teen, and Young Adult programming is supported by:
CSL Behring, Grifols, Horizon Therapeutics, and Takeda