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Share your story

Learn how you can get involved and share your own story to help support people living with PI and their communities.

Only you can tell your own story

Because primary immunodeficiency (PI) is rare, you may not often hear stories like your own. But you can change that. Let others know about your experiences living with PI, speak about someone you love and care about who lives with PI, or share about donating plasma. Together we can help increase awareness of PI and inspire others. 

These stories are used on our website, at events, in print materials, and for advocacy initiatives. You are making a difference by putting a face on a disease that most people in the United States don't even know about. And since it's estimated that 70% - 90% of people with a PI don't even know they have it, you just might be helping another person get diagnosed.  

Whether you choose to share in writing, via audio, via video, or in person, know that your story is uniquely yours and can inspire others. 

Faces of IDF handouts

Create your own personalized Faces of IDF handout to use while advocating for the PI community.

First, watch a tutorial video for help creating a handout. Then, submit your story and picture in the following form. IDF will turn your submission into a personal advocacy one-pager and return it to you within the next month.