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Thousands of people are living with PI, but remain undiagnosed. By the simple act of promoting PI awareness, you can change this and make a difference. Furthermore, you can help:

  • Undiagnosed individuals come across information leading to their diagnosis.
  • Diagnosed individuals find IDF and a supportive community ready to embrace them.
  • Parents, spouses, and caregivers get answers and resources for their loved ones.
  • Future individuals with PI receive an earlier diagnosis and improved treatment. 

Whether you are just learning about PI or have been diagnosed for decades, every voice promoting awareness is needed! 

How you can help based on your relationship to PI! 

Diagnosed or family member with PI

Diagnosed or Family Member with PI

Have you been diagnosed with PI or are you a family member of someone with PI? Click here to view resources specifically created for you!
Community Group

Community Group

Is your community group or organization looking to get more involved? Learn how to promote awareness here!
Medical Professional

Medical Professional

Find resources for healthcare professionals and learn how you can promote awareness for patients!