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Be a Hero for the Undiagnosed & Underserved
Change a life by promoting primary immunodeficiency (PI) awareness throughout your community.
Be a Hero

Why Raise PI Awareness?

Thousands of people are living with PI but remain undiagnosed. By the simple act of promoting PI awareness, you can change this and make a difference. Furthermore, you can help: 


Undiagnosed individuals

 come across information leading to their diagnosis.
Diagnosed Individuals

Diagnosed individuals

find IDF and a supportive community ready to embrace them.

Parents, spouses, and caregivers 

get answers and resources for their loved ones.

Future individuals with PI 

 receive an earlier diagnosis and improved treatment. 
Raising Awareness Impacts Lives
View IDF’s 2022 impact thanks to individuals like you raising PI awareness.

How You Can Help Raise PI Awareness!

Whether you are just learning about PI or have been diagnosed for decades, every voice promoting awareness is needed! Here is how you can help.  



A single or monthly donation can help IDF make an impact through diagnosis-specific advocacy, education, and research initiatives.


Raise PI awareness by using our PI Awareness Month Toolkit. View sample social media, download educational materials, and share your story with us.


Participate in IDF events to feel a sense of community and get answers and resources that you can share with others.
Our Goal!
Help us raise $75,000 in honor of PI Awareness Month.


“A diagnosis of PI changed my life. We can still live a fulfilling life with an immunodeficiency. As a healthcare provider and a person with PI, I am dedicated to doing my part to bring light to earlier diagnosis to improve the quality of life of people with primary immunodeficiency.” 


- Heryhanna Para, CVID Patient

Plasma Awareness Toolkit
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Raise PI Awareness with our Toolkit
View sample social media, download educational materials and share your story with us.
PI Awareness Toolkit