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Speak with Someone Who Understands

The IDF Peer Support Program is a caring community that connects people and patients who share similar relationships to primary immunodeficiency (PI). Participation in the program gives you the opportunity to interact with one of IDF's peer support volunteers, who is a trained volunteer with personal experience living with PI.

This free resource is for anyone personally affected by primary immunodeficiency - a patient, parent or other family member, friend or caregiver. And you can take comfort in knowing your communications and correspondence will be held in the strictest confidence.

How does the Peer Support Program help?

Feelings of isolation often accompany the everyday effects of living with a primary immunodeficiency disease. Frequently, those feelings stem from the perception that no one understands what you are going through. Sometimes you simply need to talk freely about how you're feeling. Our trained, peer support volunteers are comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. They are patients and family members of all ages, and they are ready to listen to your cares and concerns; offer skilled emotional support; and will share their experiences and offer their understanding. Peer contacts may also provide information on local resources, plan IDF Get Connected Meetings, increase awareness of primary immunodeficiencies in their communities, and serve as advocates in both local and federal public policy arenas.

How do I participate in the Peer Support Program?

It's easy... just contact IDF through Ask IDF or call 410-321-6647. Perhaps you want to speak with a patient living with the same primary immunodeficiency disease or wish to contact an experienced parent of a child with a primary immunodeficiency. Maybe you seek to network and share ideas and experiences with someone who lives in your state, city or neighborhood. An IDF staff member will contact you and get to know you and your needs, and make arrangements for a peer support volunteer to contact you by phone or e-mail, however you prefer. Remember--you are not alone. IDF is here to help.